Workshops – developing employee commitment

We also offer short term “interventions” that are designed to stimulate systemic change while building capacity among your people. These workshops can be customised to your needs and are highly interactive and truly engaging.

These workshops are designed to address the risks and challenges that businesses experience in preparing their workforce for success in today’s economy or “business unusual”. They are focused on developing the key skills that leaders and employees need when embracing change and transformation while supporting and growing the engagement and commitment of their teams and colleagues. In addition, the programmes aim to ensure sustainable change and commitment.

Developing your business case for employee engagement
Growing accountability & ownership for employee engagement in your leaders
Latest engagement tips, tools & activities for people managers
Communications Teams: enhancing communications to develop employee commitment
Leveraging employees’ commitment patterns to build the employer brand
Building authentic team relationships for “business unusual”
Coaching Circles for Innovation

In-house Workshops

(1) Developing your business case for employee engagement
Much research exists that links engaged and committed employees to the bottom line profitability of a business whether it is through improved customer service, innovative thinking, self-driven higher performers, increased safety or reduced talent costs. In this workshop, learn from global best practice to understand how employees’ “discretionary effort” impacts your own business and the type of engagement patterns you should be looking for in your business, both at an organisational level and at a divisional/team level.

(2) Growing accountability & ownership for employee engagement in your leaders and line managers
Employee engagement is not something that can be outsourced. It is a uniquely internal function and the
closer it is to the individual employee, the more relevant and ultimately, the more effective. This workshop
develops ownership of employee commitment in management, supervisor and team leader group and builds
their capacity to both grow and sustain high levels of engagement within their teams and with their

(3) The latest engagement tips, tools & activities for people managers
his session looks at the latest global trends in building engagement with a hands-on practicality for people managers to take into their teams. It looks at what is happening worldwide and around Africa, while shaping best practice for South Africa. People managers will develop their skills for strategic conversations, relationships, difficult conversations, leadership styles, engagement activities and communication tools.

(4) Communications Teams: communications and engagement for employee commitment
Communications is a influencer of authentic employee commitment and is therefore, one of the key focus
areas in a business’s strategic employee engagement efforts. This workshop sets up communication teams to leverage their efforts for increased employee commitment in all elements of the communications chain, including channels for commitment, cascading and co-creation as well as messaging-to-strategy and setting up the employee calendar.

(5) Leveraging your employees’ commitment patterns to build the employer brand
Most companies are both multi-cultural and multi-generational where employees engage in a variety of ways. This workshop ensures the business knows what patterns of engagement it is looking for (eg: factory might be increased safety; mid-management might be increased innovation) and how to best reach the different employee audiences – from social media to appreciative enquiry sessions and coaching circles.

(6) Building authentic team relationships for “business unusual”
Authentic relationships form the very base of innovation and breakthrough thinking in a “business unusual”
environment. This programme effectively builds trust and candour, genuine respect, positive intent and deep
understanding and empathy as the core elements of breakthrough relationships.

(7) Teamwork for innovation – Integral© Coaching Circles
This workshop aims to break down silos while addressing decision-making accountability in non-hierarchical, matrix structured businesses. It develops highly effective cross-functional teamwork and
speeded up results through an shared view of input, co-creation, collaboration and decision-making. It is
again focused on breakthrough thinking structures and innovation for change. This introductory workshop can be developed into in-house coaching circles for teams.

(8) Building the “EQ” of your employees into commitment through strategic conversations
Any organisation going through change or growth requires its employees to join the journey with their leaders. During this time, work needs to go on, changes embraced and engagement levels maintained or improved. This workshop shares ways to develop employees’ commitment to the business strategy through various co-owned communication and engagement channels and through a variety of strategic conversations, including coaching circles, cafe conversations, conversations for community and appreciative inquiry sessions.

Currently under development, please email if you are interested: Employee engagement through changeCoaching for employee engagementConversations for employee engagement

Workshop structure

All workshops are run in-house at your premises. Sessions are a combination of presentations, engagement tools, coaching circles, dipstick polls, appreciative inquiry sessions, conversations, think-tank groups and team networking.

Depending on time available for your delegates, these workshops are structured as short presentations (2hrs) designed to share knowledge or in-depth workshops (5hrs) that include a variety of tools to ensure the integration of knowledge and insights into your business.

They are also designed to leverage and compliment any other leadership or people development programmes currently running, rather than replace them. They form the base of any major growth initiative in employee commitment/engagement.

Please note that these workshops can be extended into 4 – 8 month development programmes for your executive and management teams. During these programmes, an intervention is usually planned every 4 – 6 weeks. Supporting activities between these times ensure that new skills remain top of mind and are integrated into daily ways of working so as to avoid leaders stepping back into business as usual. The programmes are created with the company’s various challenges in mind: key dates in the employee calendar, leader diaries, business processes and people structures.

Short presentations

In-depth workshops

Content structure

– interactive presentation
– appreciative inquiry session

– interactive presentation
– strategic conversation
– appreciate inquiry session
– working examples
– customised worksheets
– action plans


– enhanced knowledge
– ideas on how to take it into the business

– enhanced knowledge
– practical, hands-on experience
– working plan to take into business

Time investment

approx. 2 hours

approx. 5 hours

In-house delegates

8 (recommended)

8 max (recommended)