Integral Coaching©

Core to establishing a fundamental cultural shift to engagement that is depicted by innovation and accountability is the developoment of the leadership team. Coaching is the most effective way to ensure real and sustainable change in a way that supports your employee engagement efforts.

We design 3-tiered coaching programmes that are focused on a mix of coaching workshops, coaching
circles and one-on-one coaching relationships. Most organisations have already invested substantially in a leadership development programme and these coaching programmes are the ideal way to supplement and integrate learnings and to ensure they are cascaded through the business by combining the best in adult learning developments today.

Our Coaching is grounded in the Integral Coaching© discipline. Coaches are registered with International Coaching Federation (ICF) and trained under New Ventures West, USA / UCT Graduate School of Business Centre for Coaching.

– Workshops: Integral Coaching© & employee engagement
– Executive one-on-one coaching
– Coaching circles

One-on-one executive Integral Coaching
These individual programmes are the most powerful form of coaching for leaders, leading to change and transformation of the individual at the deepest level. Our programmes are based on the Integral Coaching© discipline. Our coaches are registered with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and trained under New Ventures West, USA / UCT Graduate School of Business Centre for Coaching.

Coaching Circles for leadership & management teams
Learning and coaching in groups is perhaps the most powerful form of learning taking place in today’s leading organisations. It combines the best in adult learning knowledge and is believed to be where the fastest uptake of new behaviours and innovative teamwork take place.

Coaching circles help managers see their way through the challenges and issues they experience at work and to discuss and explore new and effective solutions. Further, managers also learn how to coach their peers towards new possibilities as opposed to mentoring, leadership directives and consulting. Further, they are a vital component to shifting leaders towards a focus on employee, team and colleague engagement/commitment.

Coaching circles can be used cross-company at all levels:

  • Managers involved in management development programmes – circles entrench the learning process
  • Project managers – managing different streams of large projects, especially if working cross-functionally
  • Divisional managers – working cross- function/department/division to realise strategic objectives
  • Team members – circles build stronger relationships that are authentic and long lasting

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